IMAS can accurately analyze motion while pedaling through patented algorithm technology:

  1. Provide evaluation results: Knee Joint Trajectory & Varus Valgus Determination, Lower Limb Motion Stability, Speed, Cycling Staging Ratio, etc.
  2. Users can browse sports information through multiple platforms(web pages, communication software (Line APP), download as PDF), which effectively helps riders to evaluate and adjust after exercise, and improve daily training to enhance riding performance. In addition, IMAS could be in series with Garmin to provide more Integrated analysis chart.
  3. IMAS will not be limited to cycling application or object restrictions. In the future, this platform can be used in different scenarios to provide solutions of sports (running, weight training, weightlifting, etc.) and medical rehabilitation fields.

Suitable Users of IMAS:

IMAS will not be limited to cycling. In the future, we will add different scenarios (Running, Strength Training, Weightlifting, etc.) to provide solutions from sports to medical rehabilitation. All users can choose service in different scenarios.

Intelligent Management of Sports Data

Upload Sports Data to IMAS for Motion Analysis and Calculation

  • Accurate Measurement
  • Movement Analysis
  • Sports Performance Analysis
  • Support Multi-Platform
  • Data Feedback

Scientific Data Evaluation

Various algorithms for projects ranging from sports to medical rehabilitation will be placed on this platform. When users select different application scenarios and use sensors to collect data, they can return corresponding evaluation reports to truly present Internet applications.

Web Page

Riding Sport Database

Official Line Account

Use the communication software platform to view riding sports information in real time

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