Pros and Cons of Riding Bikes


Advantages :

  1. Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease:Cycling can promote blood flow and strengthen blood vessels to make the heart healthier.
  2. Make Your Mood Cheerful:Exercise can stimulate the secretion of "endorphins" in the human body, making people more cheerful and happy.
  3. Strengthen Resistance:Cycling can increase resistance, it is not easy to be attacked by viruses, and slow down the occurrence of chronic disease.
  4. Calorie Consumption:According to the intensity of exercise, cycling can consume about 200-400 calories per hour.
  5. Make Your Body Stronger:Cycling can improve hip muscles, thigh muscles and calf muscles and other lower limb muscles.
  6. Preventing Brain Aging:Research in sports medicine points out that alternate pedaling with left and right feet when cycling can balance the development of your left and right brain functions and prevent brain aging.
  7. Improve Cardiopulmonary Function:Cycling is a good aerobic exercise, it is easy for people to maintain a certain intensity, improve "maximum oxygen uptake" and "cardiorespiratory endurance".
  8. Effectively Burn Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat:Maintaining a longer period and high intensity of aerobic exercise can effectively burn the subcutaneous and visceral fat accumulated in the body.
  9. Maintain the agility of the nervous system:When riding a bicycle, the coordination of hands, eyes and limbs is required to keep the nervous system agile, and the joints and ligaments of the whole body are also exercised accordingly.
  10. Improve sexual function:Cycling is very good for the heart and cardiovascular system, and can stimulate the secretion of "endorphins" in the body, which makes people feel happy, and also enhances sexual performance.


  1. If the frame size is too large or too small, the bike setting is incorrect, or your cycling posture is incorrect, it may cause injury.
  2. If you have disease in your spine, such as a herniated disc, ankylosing spondylitis, or symptoms of nerve compression (symptoms of soreness, numbness, swelling or pain in the limbs), or degenerative arthritis in the knee, it is recommended to Consult a professional medical staff before exercise to avoid aggravating the condition.
  3. High-end bicycles, equipment and merchandise are too expensive.
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